Ways Through which People Ingest Tobacco

Tobacco industry happens to be a very successful and substantial economic enterprise, although this product kills people more than other products. Certain research validates tobacco industry by arguing that its tax revenues, contributions to the employment, and also trade balances are undeniably vital to economic health.

Tobacco is basically a plant which is grown on lands for the purpose of its leaves that are well fermented and dried before finally involving it in the tobacco products. As tobacco contains an addictive ingredient known as nicotine, people find it hard to move away from it.

There are several ways through which tobacco can be ingested in the body; it can be through pipes, cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, bidis, hookahs,  e-cigarettes and more.

  • Pipes

Indigenous people, traditionally, from South and North America made use of pipe ceremonies in order to celebrate community and religious festivals. Till date, usage of sacred pipes is common among them. They also used pipe when completion of a contract or bargain occurred. But people belonging from these sides of America didn’t smoke pipe outside these ritualized occasions, as they took it as a gift provided from lord.

  • Cigarettes

This happens to be a very common method for tobacco use. This shift occurred after Civil war, from snuff, chewing tobacco, pipe etc and resulted in profound change in its consumption and production. Around 1920’s manufacturers were still discovering which tobacco method has the most potential for sale, by late 1930’s and 40’s, it was established that cigarettes were the ones that were widely manufactured in America.

  • Cigars

Their mass production is not as big as cigarettes but nevertheless is accepted by rich Asians. The manufacturing of cigars require intensive labour work as it needs to be hand rolled and are expensive, hence its advertisement and marketing is not as extensive either. Wealthy and educated urban men enjoyed cigar and pipes greatly and considered it to be a power symbol.

  • Snuff

Native tribes of America used tobacco as a medicine and hence men earlier chewed it for its medicinal properties. Europe and United States largely made use of snuff in seventeenth centuries. Snuff happens to be a generic word for fine-ground tobacco. Snuff in Europe is generally and largely snorted whereas snuff in America is dipped. Brands like Timber wolf, Grizzly, Skoal, Copenhagen and Kodiak are found in tobacco shops till today.

  • Bidis

Bidis are comparatively a cheaper product where tobacco of inferior quality is laced with various flavours like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. They mainly come from Asia and India where its quite popular. Bidis have found their market in America as well and are found in gas stations or convenience store, where American teens are purchasing it for its aromatic sweet flavours.

  • Hookahs

Popularity in South Asia and Middle East for centuries now, they have now become popular in America too. The tobacco in hookah is soaked delicately in molasses and is mixed with various kinds of pulp like mint, fruits, kiwi, apples and mango. It is communally smoked and carries as much risk as any other form of tobacco as the nicotine and tar level in hookah are comparatively more.